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Medi Aid Centre Foundation

"Taking Your Worries Away!"

What happens when a person ages? The house becomes too big, the lawns and yard a problem, domestic duties all too hard. Many have a house and wish to downsize. Others have no house, and try and find something smaller and affordable which is very difficult with today's expensive housing shortage, and soaring rents.

In 1973, Dr John F Knight AM, a suburban General Practitioner in North Ryde, Sydney, and wife Noreen, a Registered Nurse, established Medi Aid Centre Foundation. His father, chaplain of a large hospital, had pointed out the plight of the elderly, and suggested his sons do something about it.

Its Purpose

Mission statement of the Foundation is provision of housing for the elderly, across all socio economic strata, as well as other forms of assistance. It is operated by a Committee of seven, most of whom are senior doctors, under Memoranda and Articles, and the "Governance Manual".

Since then, a variety of purpose built Retirement Villages have been constructed and blocks of apartments or single units also built or purchased. Today, nearly 800 persons are accommodated and the numbers increase.

Downsizing Home

Some are made available to persons who have owned a house for years. They sell the house, and may assist in the funding of the unit. This is the method operated by nearly all church, community groups and similar organisations, and referred to as "Resident Funded Housing", but Medi Aid is much more generous.

This helps solve the above issues, loneliness probably heading the list. It provides companionship, and 24/7 on site management with emergency buttons if help is needed. There is a "Village Centre" for regular activities, therapeutic swimming pool, spa, libraries and recreational facilities.

Assisted Living

A dedicated "Assisted Living Block" which contains 55 units is for those who need accommodation, but also 24/7 living on call attention. Linen is provided and laundered, domestic cleaning undertaken and all meals are cooked on site by Medi Aid chefs. There are also dining and recreational rooms. Located in a bushland setting, it has its own well kept gardens and park alongside.


The majority of units are made available to elderly persons, often undergoing financial and physical hardship. Units are located close to railway stations, public transport, shopping centres, churches, libraries, medical centres and most other essential services. The resident pays no ingoing fee, simply a modest weekly rental (often 50-60 per cent of the normal commercial charge), and can care for themselves.

These residents are eligible for generous government rent assistance payments.

Surfers Paradise

Medi Aid has another unique "village". This accommodates about 200 residents, but each lives in a high rise apartment. Most of these are in the heart of Surfers Paradise on the lovely Gold Coast. Majority are either on the beach front overlooking the surf, or close by. These are for elderly persons, maybe with health and financial issues and no home. Again, there is no entry fee, but a rental usually around 50-60 per cent of commercial rentals in the same block.

The majority of residents are eligible for the government rental assistance, which makes it all very affordable. They care for themselves, but most amenities are handy. Social interaction is encouraged, and twice a year they are provided with a lovely breakfast at the beautiful Surfers Paradise Marriott Hotel nearby.

Other Activities

Medi Aid provides a range of smaller projects, but vital to those in need. It may provide a "walker", or "Vital Call" (the device plus the first six month fee). If may provide a respite vacation for an elderly couple to a unit on the Gold Coast dedicated for this purpose, and linen and return air fares are often paid

Medi Aid is a PBI (Public Benevolent Institution) and Charity. Although run on the Christian "goodwill" ethic, is not related to any political or religious creed, and funds itself. It neither seeks nor receives any direct government monies.

More Details

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