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Retirement Villages

Medi Aid Centre Foundation operates a wide variety of retirement accommodation for the elderly. This ranges from purpose built villages, to individual units in apartment blocks, and single dwellings. These are located in the Sydney suburbs of Eastwood, Epping, West Ryde and Ryde.

At Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast, there are individual one and two bedroom units in high rise apartment blocks. A majority of the units are located on or close to the Surfers Paradise ocean beach, or the river, or close by. All are right in the centre of activity, with shopping facilities, medical centres, restaurants, cinemas, malls, entertainment, and the other attractions for which Surfers Paradise is world famous. Once again these are dedicated to the elderly.

Whatever a persons financial position, Medi Aid usually has suitable accommodation at an affordable price, including those on the pension. In some areas, there is a waiting list, in others, it may be available within a few weeks. It depends on the availability at time of inquiry.

Further details are available on the page links for each Village below.

Medi Aid Villages:

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