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Wed, 9th April 2014

You're in bed with a blinding headache, unable to move. You look out the window and a mad lion has just escaped from a van, and is racing inexorably at your house, your window which is wide open. Sudden death looms. What happens. You lie there awaiting the great jaws and agonising death? Not likely. The thudding headache is forgotten as you leap out of bed and run like mad to safety - gasping. "Just made it in time! Phew".

Headache Vanishes

What's happened to the headache? It vanished. The adrenaline rush, the endorphins suddenly eliminated the pain, motivated the muscles and led you to safety! Mind over matter. That is right. The billions of neurones, and connections called synapses, and neuro-chemicals produce amazing outcomes, with the speed of lightening. It is possible to think yourself both into and out of illness. Symptoms are all in the mind. Pain, the most common, is appreciated in certain areas. That's why kids develop stomach aches on Monday morning when it is school time.


It's why soldiers keep running in battle with a leg blown off. Some call it positive thinking, others say to see the way you want to be on the inner screen of your minds eye. See a fit healthy body, symptom free, hold the picture, etch it in memory and keep re-visualising it and it will surely come to pass. Expect pain and you will suffer pain. Expect quick relief and that too will occur. It may be teemed in with total body relaxation.


Relax the entire body, all muscle groups, visualise good things, freedom from symptoms, such as migraine, arthritic pain, backache, asthmatic wheezes, and in many cases that is exactly what will occur. Believe in the "truth". The truth is you are a complete healthy symptom free being. Eat sensibly, exercise regularly, drink lots of water, sleep well, don't smoke and think positively. It will come to pass. You control your own destiny, i.e. the way you feel.



I am often apprehensive the kids will get to the poisons which are kept in a cupboard in the garage - weed killers, car sprays, strong detergents, rat poisons, cockroach deterrents, kerosene, turps, thinners, paints and so on.


Education from a very early age is essential. Locking them into secure cupboards helps, but they invariably learn their way around these temporary protective measures, and outsmart parents. Educate, Explain. They soon get the drift. Nevertheless, have the Poisons Information Centre number in a prominent place near the phone. This is a 24 hours commonwealth wide service.

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I have used the same accountant since 1953, and now he, like me, is getting older and older. He does my books okay and on time, and I often wonder if I should keep on with him until we both drop dead.


There are many people working fairly normal business hours in their eighties, nineties, and occasionally when over 100. They are certainly experienced, do the work because it is important to them and their mental welfare also. Stick with the person you know and trust.

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Is it possible for men to develop breast cancer, and if so is it dangerous as in women?


The answer is "Yes". Although uncommon, it can happen. I have only seen one during my experience. A hard lump had developed under the nipple. This was removed, and the man lived on for many years, and eventually passed away with something entirely unrelated. Any breast lump in men or women needs immediate intervention.

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Many women wear large circular ear rings. We are often told they are dangerous, and may be caught by some passing object. But women continue to wear them despite this.


Beauty and fashion always lead the charge, irrespective of what the outcome may be. Although there are hundreds of serious documented accidents, reported in every ER, fashions do not change easily. It is usually "the other person, never me" who sustains a serious injury. If a person considers the positives outweigh the negatives, they make a choice and take a punt.

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Why can two similar persons undergo identical surgery. One does well. The other does not. All conditions appear identical.


Every person is an individual, with its own genetic code, resistance factors, healing qualities, general stamina and mental attitude. These add up to the differing outcomes you note. A positive attitude is always likely to produce a better outcome than a negative one.

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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