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Wed, 23rd July 2014

Sore Necks are universal. We are sitting, we lie down and sleep, move minimally, spend hours staring at computer screens, look down at keyboards, read by the hour, or simply sit and talk. This is the pattern of living for most. It is fun, boring, wearying. But a sore neck, at some stage, is inevitable. The neck joins the head to the body. Through it pass all vital connections, so it must be flexible, free from pain, and moveable in all directions. A few daily tips can make a huge difference.

Muscle Spasm

The less the neck muscles are activated, the greater chance of the fibres stiffening up, going into spasm, rebel and cause pain. Dedicate a few minutes a day, preferably in one hit, or spread throughout the day. The more times the better. Then work through neck muscle activity in a programmed style. Movement may occur in various directions.

Move Muscles

Forwards and backwards (up and down); turning from extreme left to extreme right; and then reversing, then moving from lower left side to upper right side, and vice versa; pulling the jaw backwards releasing it then letting it return to its normal position, bending the head to the left (trying to touch the shoulder), straightening it and repeating on the right side. This is simplest carried out sitting on a kitchen chair, arms at the side. Turn the head gently through each movement. When the extreme has been reached, maintain that position for 30 seconds. Count slowly 1-30 in your mind, and release softly.


That gently “stretches” the muscle fibres, and hold them in the stretched position. Each time it is carried out, the fibres stretch a bit more. This gives marvelous mobility, lessens risks of fibre spasm, which means reduce risks of neck and upper shoulder pain. After a while, using a hand to pull the head further in each direction enhances effect. It works, and involves no drugs. It is easy to carry this out once (or preferably twice or thrice) as day. If last thing at night, follow with a hot then cool shower (30 secs/10 secs) for three minutes, keep warm then hop into bed. Avoid becoming cold. It can be done at home, in the office or workplace, or anywhere else. For fun, get your mates to join in. Make it a “ritual”, the more the merrier. All will benefit.



We are expecting Bub No One. We hear so many myths, but what should baby weigh at birth?


Babys weight can vary a great deal. At birth, it may range from 2500 g to 4500g (5.5 to 10 pounds). At birth the average weight for Australian males is 3459g (7 lb 10 oz), For average females it is 3402g (7.5 pounds) Baby rapidly puts on weight from the day of birth. By the fourth or fifth month, birth weight usually doubles. By the end of the first year, it has usually tripled.

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Is there a simple cure for gout?


The answer is no, for it is an inbuilt error of body function. It is either picked up on a routine blood screen which shows the uric acid level is elevated. It does not take much of an increase to produce acute symptoms being pain in a joint, often the big toe. Or symptoms may come on gradually or suddenly. Any joint may be affected. Not just the toe. Sometimes uric acid crystals called tophi may form causing a lump. Medication can relieve acute symptoms, but longer term allopurinol is often recommended indefinitely. Drink lots of water, and go easy on the slops.

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I am a teenager, and seem to have ongoing diarrhea which is annoying


This may be an infection by the giardia parasite, often coming from infected water. Although once a Mediterranean infection, it is now common in Australia. Diagnosis is confirmed by collecting cysts from excreta. It responds positively to medication, such as tinidazole (4 tablets at once), or other medication such as Flagyl given over several days. These are prescribed by the doctor. Usually diarrhea medications are ineffective. The sources of drinking water specially when away from home is important.

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What causes gall bladder pain?


Infection leading to formation of stones, often very small, which may obstruct the canal leading to the bowel is the usual cause. It is common in a wide age spectrum, often younger women, specially if overweight and eating a lot of fat. Cholesterol produced by the liver, collects in the gall bladder ( a small sac). Here is accumulates around a dead germ, and enlarges. This may cause general discomfort and flatulence. But canal obstruction cause severe pain. Laparoscopic removal followed by a low fat, high fibre food intake and lots of water often offer a positive outcome.

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My boy friend has glandular fever. Is there a quick fix?


The answer is no. Fortunately nature is kind, and the body heals itself, but it may take anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months depending on severity. Rest in the early stages, lots of water, maybe supplemental vitamins, and light food which is attractive and easily digestible is best. There is usually fever, aches all over, a very sore throat, and swollen lymph glands in the neck and groin. A body warmth shower helps refreshen. There is no place for antibiotics, some of which cause a fiery red rash. The Epstein Barr (EB) virus is the cause, often being transmitted in saliva, hence the colloquial name "The Kissing Disease". It is diagnosed by a blood test.

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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