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Wed, 11th February 2015

You can opt for an "achey breakey heart", or achey breakey painful limbs, backs and muscles. The latter are much more common. Heaps wake up with discomfort in legs, arms, rump or other parts. Others suffer sore feet, sore wrists and uncomfortable necks. There are heaps of causes and heaps of interventions. As a starter, try leaping out of bed or quietly getting up, whichever is easiest.

Unwind slowly

Some have to gradually unwind, unbend, unravel. Lifting out one limb, then the other, gradually endeavouring to straighten the back. If this is not you, do not laugh in scorn, for eventually it may be. Then shower, dress, and try and mobilise yourself as best you can. Often turning the shower from hot to cool, hot cool, hot cool, gives prompt benefits. As the day wears on, often with increased muscle activity, pains vanish.


The more you connect with others the better. This turns the mind from "self" and onto other issues. The more mentally taxing these issues the better. Frequently at days end the muscles have long ceased being a burden. Joints seem OK. The simple pain killers are OK if pains do not rapidly vanish. Today, paracetamol is the best and safest. Minimum doses are preferred.


The NSAIDS come next, but ideally small doses and only after food. However, "stretching exercises" long-term are an excellent natural remedy. Wherever the pain, try "stretching" that part. Not just a quick one, two, three. Bend the body, and hold in that position for at least 30 seconds. In other words, count one to thirty slowly. Then immediately similarly stretch the opposing muscle groups, again for 30 seconds. It is stressed, a couple of seconds is useless. Regular 30 seconds muscles stretches gradually lengthen the microscopic muscle fibres, and also allows them to spring back, It also improves circulation, and removes toxins (lactic acid). In a little while the pains will gradually disappear. Some medications are notorious for causing muscle pain.


The "statins", often prescribed to lower cholesterol are notorious. Many react with a mild bout of rhabdomyolysis, and only remedy is to cease therapy. There are other ways to reduce cholesterol, soluble fibre probably heading the list. Powdered psyllium each day assists many and is a non drug "natural" alternative. It may be added to 250 mL of water (plus another 250 mLs immediately after), or added to breakfast cereal. Any persisting pain must be checked by your doctor.



I had abdominal pain, was diagnosed with helicobacter germ and gastric ulcer. It quickly healed with antibiotics and acid suppressant medication. How long will I have to stay on the anti-acid tablets.


Some gastro-enterologists say this may be necessary for the rest of your life. Long term use appears to be very safe. Also, killing off the helicobacter germ greatly reduces risks of stomach cancer, a real killer especially in those 45 or older. An unrequested side effect with many is loss of libido! Sorry for this negative news.

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How often should one cleanse or renew the toothbrush?


The humble toothbrush is not meant to last forever, although many think it should. Like any mechanical device, they tend to clog with debris and dirt with time, and wear out. Some sit the brush in a mild antiseptic (like a germ killing mouthwash) every few days. I think placing it in the sun is better, and a more efficient bug killer. However, the mouth normally reeks with germs and any on the brush doesn't make much difference. If they do get into the system, they will be quickly killed by stomach acid. When the bristles look frayed, buy a replacement. When brushing use a circular motion and include gums. Flossing is just as important as brushing, probably more so.

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Front passage dryness makes sex uncomfortable and irritating.


This is a common issue, specially with reduced hormonal production often starting mid forties. There are several oestrogen creams or tablets which can be applied to the outer lips or inserted. This can rejuvenate the lining, making it again thick and moist, and penetration more satisfying. Talk to your doctor, for a general pelvic check is also regularly advised. This symptom may also indicate the need for further intervention. The earlier any adverse issues are managed the better, and may avoid future unpleasant complications.

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I cannot find a soap that suits my skin. They all irritate or tend to dry the skin, which makes one want to rub and scratch.


Soap is merely fat boiled up with caustic, reduces surface tension of dirt so that it can be easily washed away. But it is very harsh on the skin, and sucks out moisture. Try non-soap alternatives Ph5.5, Dove, Cetaphil, QV bar and others, are very gentle. Soaps will probably gradually phase out as more gentle products are more widely used. It seems a matter of time. Unfortunately they are much more expensive. Any dry skin should prompt a blood sugar check for maybe an early symptom of diabetes.

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Is it possible to catch HIV by using public telephones?


There are probably billions of unwanted bugs on telephone mouthpieces and ear receivers. But risks of contracting the horrible HIV are remote. Despite what many hear, it is pretty difficult to "catch" it. There are only a few proven ways. The virus must be mechanically forced into certain parts of the body, and telephones are not high on the list.

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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