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Wed, 17th June 2015

If you think you'll get a headache, you will get a headache. If you think it's going to be a terrible day, it will be an awful one. Think tummy upsets, and just as assuredly this to will occur. How much of life, and the symptoms thereof are "all in the mind". An old saying goes "As a man (woman) thinks, so is he (she)". This is true as most know, but it is amazing that the thoughts are largely in our own hands. Think negative thoughts of sadness, misery, depression and ill health, and that is your template for the day. If this is reversed, and positive thoughts are injected into your neurones then you awaken, the day can be brimful of marvellous outcomes.


Positive thoughts generate positive activities, positive results. Many set goals the previous night when climbing into bed. It is a good idea to "picturise in the minds eye" the happy positive events you wish to occur the following day. Let them drift into your subconscious. See them actually occurring. Picture good health, lots of energy, fulfilling appointments, winning the battle, overcoming obstacles. Some write a list in advance, read this, turn out the light, and then set to work on the brains inner screen. Many are stooped down with depression, anxiety, the stress of living. That too can largely be overcome by ones thoughts. But next day, as part of the "getting up and running" are other events.


Liaising with others, taking a positive approach, going for a walk (if you have time), sitting, closing the eyes and going over the positive programme during the day - it only takes ten seconds. The more outgoing a person can be, the more you "share yourself" with others, the greater dilution of negatives. Ideally, positive friends in the social circle beat a bunch of persons who only see the negative side of life. Sure, a cup of coffee will help kick start the neurones, but don't flog them to death with chemicals, be it excessive coffee, tea, cola drinks or choccies (the same chemical pervades them all). Remember, food and booze do not solve challenges either. They marginally help, but the aftermath is not always good. Sharing problems with your dog (the best) or cat (not bad also) is very soothing. You mum, dad and best friends are also good people to have around, and will usually see your point of view. Make sure you continue talking to them, if they are still with you and on planet earth. We only have one mum and one dad - without them we would not be around, and they care, come what may. Have a good day.



My seventeen year old daughter has just had her first "break up" with a guy. This was several weeks ago, she goes about crying, is depressed, will not go out with her other friends, and I am so worried about her future.


At seventeen, teenage love is very real, and can be all consuming. Fortunately time has a magical way of healing most wounds, affections and emotions are included. Mum bonding, yes at this "late" stage is worth another try. Encouraging her to socialise, get out, mix with others, see her friends, go to the pictures, entertain and be entertained. This is another form of self pity - ultimately another male interest will flicker across the screen, often when least expected. She must be out in the field where humans mix. Getting onto drug medication is a possibility, but in teenagers, it is not on the priority list, and may have adverse outcomes. Counselling is often beneficial.

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I am early forties and recently noted fairly severe pain in my lower right side. The doctor said "it could be an ovarian cyst - we'll get it examined".


You will be headed for the local imaging centre for a pelvic ultrasound, often done internally for greater clarity. Here harmless sound waves bounce through the body and show up on a screen which is often filmed as well. A cyst on the ovary is common and if it bursts, can cause temporary pain. It is usually not serious will not lead to cancer, and if there are large ones present they may be either aspirated (sucked out) or removed laparoscopically, but this is often not necessary. Sometimes there may be menstrual irregularities.

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Is there a simple remedy for blocked nostrils?


A simple salty water spray or "mist" is a good starter. (Narium Mist) This is similar to natural body fluids, and often helps get rid of gunk clogging nasal passageways. "Vasoconstrictor" drops may be used, but only for 2-3 days as then may be counter-productive and make it worse. This shrinks down blood vessels to the membrane making more room for air. Sometimes there are allergies or infections, but simple measures are the best bet. Inhaling salty water is also very effective. This also cleanses the "cilia", microscopic hairs lining surface cells trying to get rid of secretions. Antibiotics are rarely needed.

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In warm weather I get hot, peel off, then get cold, and may suffer from a virus infection which is even worse as it hangs on for many days


The body operates comfortably within a very tight temperature band. If cool winds or an ambient temperatures cause this to vary, body resistance and comfort rapidly suffer. Ideally avoid drafts, do not sit between open windows on opposing sides of the room, and always have some warm clothing around just in case you cool off. Mum is right when she suggests taking every effort to "avoid a chill". The term is still very much in fashion.

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My husband has retired, and after doing all the usual things, he now finds there is nothing to do all day long that interests him. So he has become a shopoholic, bringing home stuff he will never use, and will only eventually throw out.


Time on the hands for a person who has usually been busy is bad news. Some resort to shopping, many to over-eating, drinking too much coffee, the slops or becoming a couch potato. However, there are heaps of time consuming opportunities, as thousands have found. Meals on Wheels, PROBUS clubs, sporting events, walking, gardening are all top listing challenges. Women's programmes usually continue unchanged. So for them fortunately, it is not such a big change - apart from "having to put up with an extra body around the place all day" (as many say).

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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