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Wed, 30th September 2015

This is the time of the "Feeding Frenzy". Inhibitions go out the door, ideas of being modest and moderate take a turnabout, as we stuff, throw down litres of multi coloured beverages and in general make merry. It is burnt in mythology, honed by time and habit. Be sensible? Why bother. The simple explanation is that with a bit of care, we (you, me everyone) will suffer less, and regain normality quicker. The weird organ called the human body does not like abuse. It strives to survive, it strives to be symptom free.

Common Sense

The more we steer from the straight and narrow, the greater the penalty. This is nothing new, it is simply common sense and general knowledge. The system is geared for "x" kJs a day, plus or minus a bit, but not too much. This all mixes around in the 10 metre gut system, where it sits, ferments, distends, bloats, and feels heavy. It is claimed 750-1500 mLs of gas are produced each day. So besides the fodder, there is the processing. Distension is the only way to go. The gut does not like expanding.


Result? Suffering. So, simply be sensible. If you plan to overeat, temper this with a reduced intake for a few meals in tandem. Go quietly on ultra-fat high kJ stuff. Beverages are often filled with sugar, alcohol and gas. That's a great combo. The trap is that it takes quite a few hours for the engorged gut to signal the satiety centre in the brain that it is filled to overflowing.


The damage has been done. It now has to wind through endless metres. The more one can burp the better. Eliminating wind also helps and bending at the waist several times each 30 minutes is beneficial. This is not green-house friendly, but gives inner relief. The simple antacids are also OK, such as Mylanta, around for decades. De-gas helps deburp, so do the acid suppressants, as well as old fashioned charcoal, the original and still claimed the best by some. Exercising also shoves the food along the track. It beats snoring it off. Take the dog for a walk too.



I have noticed abnormal bleeding and the doctor has recommended an ultrasound examination, but I do not like the idea of things being stuffed inside me.


Fortunately, after a couple of kids, most women do not mind intervention, especially if it is potentially life saving. Once doctors could only be guided by what could be felt manually. Today, this has changed with ultrasound accurately diagnosing many pelvic disorders which can be quickly managed. Cysts and cancers are the big worry, the latter heading the high risk category. Today, there has been a dramatic improvement on early diagnosis in womens issues. Grab the opportunities that are available and be glad today is today.

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As I become older, I notice more and more spots before my eyes. Many seem to vanish after a few days, to be replaced by others, which I find annoying.


With age, tiny opacities occur in the normally clear jelly like "vitreous" behind the lens. This gives the impression of something 10-25 in front. Most gradually gravitate from the field of vision only to be replaced by others as they form. Recurring ones, specially if in showers, need prompt examination of the retina by the eye specialist. It may be the early indication of retinal detachment. This means the light sensitive membrane may be cracking, and must be "welded back" by laser intervention.

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The doctor recently gave me a relatively "new" tablet for relief of my arthritic pains but I discover it is simply a stronger form of paracetamol.


Panadol-osteo and related products are now available and contain a high amount of paracetamol but in a slow releasing form. This means 2 tablets twice a day can give much longer and more effective relief than the usual formulation. It is simply another option. Virtually all arthritic medications are simply temporary pain killers in various forms. Seeking the most effective and least toxic is the best bet. Paracetamol is now considered the best first line treatment, but avoiding overdose is also important.

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We are always looking for the eternal elixir of youth, no more important than products to rejuvenate the facial skin. Is this a realistic dream.


It is not a realistic dream, despite the truckloads of advertising which say the reverse. There is no facial application that winds back the clock. Best option today is reduce sun exposure and apply anything that will keep moisture in the skin. Most contain urea, and these have been around for decades. They are cheap to buy and easy to apply, say at bedtime. Avoid harsh alkaline soaps which dry and destroy the skin surface.

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As I become older, my teeth seem to be getting longer.


Teeth are anchored in the bone which is covered by the gums. With age, this gradually shrinks, worsened by infection and plaque. So the teeth simply have greater exposure and appear to be longer. Dental health care is essential.

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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