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Wed, 4th November 2015

The eternal quest for a slimmer figure surges on, but it is not really hard to achieve. Whilst books proliferate and magazine slimming articles pour forth in their thousands, the basics have not changed in a century. Simply eat a little less food each day. Eat less fatty and high carb foods. Make sure there are veggies, fruit, berries, nuts, cereals, lean meat, fish, low fat dairy products in the daily fare, varying this around as suits your taste. It is not hard. Think First Just think before you bite. The idea is to aim at a measurement of 93 cm or less at navel level for men, and 80 cm or less for women. Weigh regularly. Doctors once said monthly, then weekly, but now daily is the recommendation. If this jumps up by half a kg, follow this simply formula. Do not eat that day. Have two pieces of fruit only, and plenty of fluid, water being best. (Avoid sugary high kJ fizz drinks). Water is very filling. If it is a cold day, drink hot water. It's like a tube of no taste heat being poured into the centre of the system. Feeling After a while, you can soon assess your weight and body profile. In bed lie on your back, and gently move your hand from chest down over the abdomen. Ideally, as you pass over the rib cage, the hand will suddenly descend. That's fine. If it goes up, that's not good. Quite apart from the cosmetics of overweight, the body hates excess abdominal fat which is now claimed to be as dangerous to the heart as smoking. It can readily work its way into the blood vessel system, clogging up vital arteries. Of course, as always, the 30 minute exercise routine is also vital, walking being simplest and best. This means the total amount of walking per day, not necessarily in one hit. It is really very easy and virtually costless.


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