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Wed, 11th May 2016

Mum sits despairingly on the sofa, ripping her hair out or crying, yelling or all three. The kids run amok, the floors are strewn with their junk and debris. If you try and walk across the floor chances are high you'll slip on shiney surfaces, kick toys or bump into stuff in the doorway. The kids shriek in delight. Heard this story before? By this time, it's probably too late, although there is still hope.


The ferals have taken over. Head feral may be as old as nine, youngest probably two. A lifetime of doctoring and watching succeeding generations grow up, the picture is never ending. Alternately (and more rarely) mum (and/or dad) happens to have gained control The place is orderly, rooms and floors relatively tidy, furniture not covered with textra stains and greasy fingers. Wow. What a relief to see this sort of picture. This too is common.


It all depends on "Who Is Boss", and who decides and when. I've watched and talked to heaps of psychologists, early childhood people, nutritionists and teachers. For a normal life, Mum or Dad MUST be boss, but this must commence on Day One of life. Within the first few months of babyhood, infants soon learn that to scream brings instant attention. Cuddling and cooing beats lying in a wet puddle, and a good feed also is soothing. Time passes. Junior refuses this food and that. Mum caves in, and gives the kid whatever he/she likes, which is invariably sweet rubbish and coloured water. Mum must be the decision maker, not junior.


Certainly some kids are "intolerant" to certain foods and will resist them with pursed lips, or maybe a vomit if pushed. Attending a nutritionist is very worthwhile but the discipline bit is also important. Once kids get control of the TV remote gadget and parents give the unconscious nod, you have lost. Trying to re-introduce sensible habits is hard. Best not let them get out of hand in the beginning. In today's two parents working family, tendency is to cut corners, cut costs, cut sensible eating habits and go for the short haul. Make every effort to work out timetables that fit snugly into a sensible lifestyle. Instilling moral codes, social mores, attitudes on smoking, alcohol, drugs, life in general, can also start at an early stage.


There are still heaps of teenagers and early 20s that donít drink (or drink sensibly), don't smoke, aren't interested in kick drugs. These are often the kids who are encouraged to study, attend uni if possible, and get offered jobs of $50k a year within a few weeks of finishing a commerce degree, law or something worthwhile. Trades are also rewarded well. It's all in the small Mum/Dad talk and example as I said, from Day One.



We continually hear of the marvels of stem cells. But where are all the "cured" persons?


They are roaming around Australia, mostly sworn to secrecy, as treatment is still under wraps, and is an emotive topic. There are amazing authenticated cures, mainly in patients who were at deaths door. The future of medicine lies in stem cells, which can develop into any organ that is required by the body. The body decides where it is needed. Just as occurs soon after conception where a couple of cells divide and subdivide into the human body as we know it.

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Today, I seem to be taking less and less treatment for my asthma and am getting results better than when I was spraying stuff down my throat several times a day.


Time marches on. New formulations, combinations and more effective oral sprays mean less medication, and often taken on an "as needs" basis. This will continue to improve but be directed by your doctor's advice, as there are currently so many options.

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Do you believe in such a thing as "intuition".


I think the brain, which is simple a hugely complicated computerised electrical circuit gives off all sorts of unseen waves. There is no reason why these cannot connect up with those from similar sources, either nearby or far distant. It's not a new concept. If you suddenly get an "inner feeling", often it's right. It is highly developed in kids, but probably dulls as we grow, and try and screen them out. Notice how little ones will instantly take to a person never seen before, with some inner bonding mechanism. (Invariably mum to start with.) Whilst others have a negative reaction.

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Female gynecological surgery is now openly advertised in newspapers. Why on earth does a woman want her vulva reduced in size and shape? And who is the viewing public?


Women highly regard self-esteem and many try and please their partner, and think this is simply another way. Conversely, it is rapidly developing into a mega industry, usually paid for up front in cash. As with most cosmetic interventions, costs are usually very high.

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What is better, dried or fresh figs?


I believe the fresher the product the better. Time invariably erodes nutritional benefits. Fresh figs taste great. Make sure you wash or peel if commercially grown, for who knows what sprays have been applied to keep unwanted bugs at bay.

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