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Wed, 26th October 2016

Domestic fights are part of life. This often leads to symptoms frequently called "psychosomatic" by doctors, as there is no pathological cause. A myriad of tests all come up negative. It's simply too much input from all our senses, the brain cannot cope. So output goes crazy and causes abnormal symptoms like headaches, tense tummy, insomnia, an asthma attack, anger, twitches, nausea or diarrhea. I kid you not.

Now, what's one of the most common causes of this? Enter "bathroom". The throne is often the culprit. Is the lid left up, or put down after use? Consensus on this issue could solve the problems of the world. There must be an "Agreed Family Policy", otherwise tempers flare or are bottled up, as aggression and stress start and evoke a heap of symptoms. Our "Family Policy" is "Lid Down".


Who wants to stare into a horrible pot meant for the removal of body rejects. The family has long since been bedded down but the rellies and visitors ... well, they should still be up in the trees. With most it's "Up". (Producing more stress, tummy tightening, anger). Sticking up a big notice "PUT LID DOWN" sounds too crass and could fracture amicable relationships. Next thing - if unpleasant bits of "stuff" stick to the sides, it's your job to clean it up. Don't leave for your host. Striking a match will also quickly eradicate unpleasant "humours" (odour). We'll discuss further medical horrors of the bathroom a bit later on.



We all know honey has medicinal values. But I recently heard if heated to high temperatures for extraction, much of the value is destroyed.


The more we interfere with natural products, be it honey, grains, fruit, or anything else, we often destroy its unique value. Nature is very kind, and in any product there are hundreds of vitamins, minerals, flavonoids and essential trace elements which collectively lead to good health.

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Is it true that coffee may either check or prevent diabetes.


Risk of diabetes 2, which strikes thousands often in the 20 to 80 year age bracket, may be favourably reduced by coffee. Some medical reports say you need about six cups a day - pretty high. A cup contains anywhere from 60 mg caffeine in powdered coffee, up to about 500 mg for boiled coffee. Effect of caffeine in the system kick starts the brain, and the effects can last up to 16 hours. Keep weight under control, take more exercise and go easy on carbs are simpler.

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I had a cataract removed and a new lens implanted. Now my eye surface seems very dry and uncomfortable.


This is not uncommon, and is probably unrelated to the surgery which involves a one mm hole in the eye surface. Use liquid tears. There are heaps of suitable brands available. Recheck with your eye surgeon. Avoid direct heat, radiators, air conditioning, and hours staring at computer screens, when you blink less often and the eye surface dries out.

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I am an older person, had diabetes for years, but suffer from pain that goes down my leg.


Diabetes can produce "diabetic neuropathy" leading to pain to the areas supplied by the nerve. Sugar control is essential and current intervention makes this relatively easy. But you may have a "pinched nerve" as the root travels from the lower lumbar area. It may be jammed up in tight muscle fibres of the back, or a damaged disc may be pressing onto it. All are fixable. Trigger point massage (physiotherapist) is a good start. So are five minutes alternate hot and cold showers twice a day (improves circulation and relaxes muscle spasm). A CT scan will indicate damaged discs, now readily cured with micro discectomy by a neurosurgeon. Fret no more. Take action.

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Mum gave us 11 kids cod liver oil which we loved. I still have a 6 oz bottle. Is it OK to take it today.


Absolutely yes, but buy a fresh supply. A liquid lemon flavoured one is available. Many claim it relieves arthritic joint pain. It is high in vitamin A, the "anti-infection" vitamin. Mum gave it to us as kids - white gluggy creamy stuff which we abhorred, but it had the same ingredients. I've only had two week "sick leave" in my whole professional life. Was this due to the Cod Liver Oil?

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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