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Wed, 23rd November 2016

Do you have a red leg? Red is the universal signal for danger and "Don't Delay". Red legs have experienced a chequered career over the past century. On, off, now on again. Common cause is a condition called "cellulitis". Germs may penetrate a hair root, then rapidly spread or it may come from a scratch, knock or any other simple superficial skin break. Germs jump aboard, multiply rapidly, causing local red inflammation. Left untreated, the body's own immune system may kick in, and kill them. Others more aggressive, continue to rampage.


Commonly in the lower leg where blood supply is normally poor, red streaks may gradually run up the leg and hit lymph glands, the protective gear in the groin, enlarge and become tender. Get moving and fast.

In the pre-antibiotic era (pre 1940s), cellulitis was a dangerous life endangering disease, and could kill. With the WWII advent of penicillin, it rapidly declined, was quickly cured and faded from the radar. As resistant germs now abound, the negative picture has returned. Prompt intervention is necessary, and if obviously increasing, prompt antibiotic therapy is essential. Some cases require this intravenously in hospital. It may continue for weeks or months and can recur.

Take care of your feet and legs. They are a favourite target for disaster. If diabetic, risks escalate to fever pitch. Good nutrition, exercise, adequate rest and fluids help prevention.



We constantly see advertisements regarding the cure for cellulite.


Cellulite is an advertising man made word for "ugly fat". It may be dimpled, but fat is fat, and it gets there and stays there for one reason only. Via the mouth. High carbs and fat head the list. It's a simple balancing act over time. Ten minus ten equals zero. Ten plus two equals twelve. High maths. Get it? Shovel in more kJs (once called calories) than the body uses as energy per day, and it eventually sits on rump, hips, body, arms, legs, neck as "fat". Eating low fat, low carb foods and getting some exercise each day means ten minus ten equals zero, and you'll look stunning for years to come. Guaranteed.

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I had my tonsils yanked out when five, but today doctors seem to freeze if the word is mentioned.


Most sore throats causing tonsillitis are readily cured with a short course of antibiotics and removal is unnecessary. They form part of the body's important immune system, and best left intact. If extremely large causing swallowing, breathing and speech defects, or 3-4 recurring acute bouts happen each year, then removal is still carried out by the ENT specialist.

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We continue to hear disgusting stories about sexual predators, specially relating to children, and most believe they should be locked up.


I agree. However, nobody ever mentions genetic factors that may be involved. If bad genes are inherited, and encouraged by negative environmental upbringing, that sets the scene for trouble. Probably similar issues occur with homosexuals, just as it does with diabetics, those with predisposition to heart disease and breast cancer. Maybe perpetrators need counselling rather than jail, just as cardiac patients need medication and lifestyle modifications.

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We thought dad had asthma but the doctor says it is COPD.


This is short for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Permanent damage has occurred with the fine filtering mechanism of the lungs. Tiny sacs where oxygen is exchanged for carbon dioxide takes place as blood connects with air. Break these down, and breathlessness, wheeze, probably recurring cough and chest infection is inevitable. It will not regenerate. Puffers and preventing further chest infections (keep warm, avoid chills, eat sensible food) all help. Vast majority are due to cigarette smoking. Constant oxygen from a cylinder is the final treatment. It could all have been so easily prevented.

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We had never heard of the word Erectile Dysfunction until recent years. Is it something new?


Once more, it is a word coined by pharmaceutical manufacturers who inadvertently discovered a drug that caused a sudden inflow of blood to a wilting penis. This is the cause of most sexual issues - inability to gain and maintain an erection for normal sexual consummation. "ED" sounds much more euphonious and acceptable than "limp dick" and its predecessors. It is extremely common (always has been), but worsening in our stress filled lives.

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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