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Wed, 15th March 2017

How can five year old children so quickly adapt to computers and rapidly navigate their way around. When adults spend hours trying to do the same, often without much success. A kid can learn half a dozen languages before the age of five, and speak each fluently for the rest of time if exposed to them. Whilst even high school kids and adults find it difficult to grasp new sounds. It is all to do with the giant human computer called the brain. The body is fully developed by 14 weeks after conception. All organs are formed. It is then just a case of growing in size. This means the brain is exposed to sounds it readily hears via the amniotic fluid in the sac in which it swims for nine months.

Billions of neurons develop. At birth, it is already aware of music, noise, arguments, kind words or fights heard during development. Also, exposed to the real world, whether it be computers, language or anything else, these neurons readily adapt. Skills adults learned such as the old time log tables, slide rules, mental arithmetic, language, words, social mores, etc were similarly embedded in their early days.

Once the neurons are imprinted, it remains for life, and continue to reinforce. Whilst other unused neurons are imprinted, it remains for life, and continue to reinforce. Whilst other unused neurons gradually die off. Thus trying to learn new methods later on is much more difficult. That's also why it is better to get into education as early in life as possible, such as pre-school, kindy, primary, secondary school then tertiary education, such as university, tafe, and other sources. Much harder if put off for ten years.

So, if having difficulty with your computer, ask your kids or grandkids. They will solve your issues in a few seconds and click of a mouse.



We hear TB is making a comeback in Australia


Tuberculosis, or TB for short, was a major killer for centuries. With major social and housing reforms of the late 19th century, it decreased. But the final nail was discovery of the specific antibiotics in the 1950s. This virtually wiped it out from the western world, including Australia. It is still rampant in developing countries. However, many drug resistant varieties have evolved so figures are increasing, and treatment options are running out. The HIV pandemic, with reduced body resistance, also opens the way for infection. Any persisting cough needs a chest x-ray.

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As I get older, I do not gain the satisfaction from sex as when I was in my twenties.


This is common. Gratification is maximum in natures planned reproductive years, essentially from around 18 to say 30, when it slowly, then rapidly wanes. Same occurs with women whose hormonal production also drops. Advancing years, stress of life, long working hours, sleep deprivation, alcohol and smoking, certain prescribe medications can all have a negative impact. Thus, enjoy it all when you're young and super responsive. That's also why marital rifts are so common.

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I often suffer from cold white feet, even in warm weather.


See your doctor and a blood test for sugar and cholesterol may offer the answer. The effect of clogged arteries is often first seen and felt in the lower limbs, where tissue is oxygen deprived. This means they become cold, white and may tingle. If either is elevated it needs prompt intervention. Simple lifestyle modification is often successful, otherwise medication may be essential. Do not delay. However, smoking is the biggest factor.

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Smoking has finally become a social "No No". Nothing is done politically about alcohol, whose negative impact on health and society makes smoking pale into insignificance.


The lawmakers and also the worlds worst law-breakers. Majority of accidents, crime, marital rifts, much ill health, verbal and physical abuse is linked with alcohol. It is a universal panacea, involves huge amounts of money (company profits and taxation) it will never vanish. America tried prohibition, but quickly disbanded it as illicit black market brews and crime mushroomed. Even native tribes have made their own version for centuries.

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We occasionally hear about a female condom, but are these practical.


Female condoms jumped into the limelight about 40 years ago. With all the fiddling and messing about required, they soon faded into obscurity. It killed spontaneity, so why try if the pill is simpler. With multiple sex partners, the male condom is still the best bet, as it gives relatively high protection from sexually transmitted infections, specially HIV, hepatitis B, and many other genital nasties.

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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