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Wed, 29th March 2017

I like taking a vacation once a year. A bit of relaxation, change of scenery, lazing around or swimming, surfing, walking, fishing, golfing, more time with the kids and meeting up with friends. But it is also the time for "Setting Goals". An annual event! It may take several weeks to jot down the items one plans and hopes to achieve over the next twelve months.

Best starting point is the one left over from last year (and others before that). Check them out. See what has been achieved, what has yet to be done. Add and subtract. Then make up the final list. It must be done slowly and thoughtfully - not stupid things irrelevant or impossible. Issues that are achievable.


The list may cover everything, from finances, family, to business and aspirations in general. Start with headings and then add sub headings as one needs. Alongside each goal, write a date when you hope it will be accomplished. It may fill an A4 page, half a page or back of an envelope. Probably add a few tips on how to do it.

Most importantly - at the bottom add "All of the above will be achieved by (insert date - 12 months from now). Then sign and date. Next is to actually think and believe and dream it will all happen. Read at least once daily, ideally last thing at night before lights out. Then jump into bed, and see each item materializing on the inner screen of your mind's eye.

Outcome? Does it happen in reality. Absolutely yes. I have kept my "goals" for the past 40 years, and eventually 95% will either have taken place or an issue ceased to be an issue. Try it and see.



My mother used to make milkshakes containing a raw egg. Is this safe? What about allowing our children to lick the cake mix bowl when the recipe contains egg?


Milk is fine and so are eggs. My mum called it "egg nog". Vitamins and protein in egg yolk are very high, as is the calcium and vitamin B2 level in milk. Licking the mixing bowl - what's new. We would fight over who got the bigger half (me or my brother). Provided there is no known allergy to poultry, it's fine! You'll look back years later and laugh.

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I've undergone quite a few negative setbacks in the recent two years, and now don't want to get out of bed in the morning - just curl up, feeling depressed and vulnerable.


We are all human, and a series of negative issues can certainly lead to anxiety and depression, today's most common mental condition. The big positive is that you are still alive - that's a good start, for all problems can be solved somehow. Ideally talk to a close friend, a senior person or counselor who can understand your position and offer guidance. If it all becomes too much, maybe some temporary medication from your GP will help you cope. Remember, there others in an identical situation. Most pull through. Don't resort to alcohol.

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How can I stop my six year old from picking her nose?


She picks because it irritates, and this gives pleasurable temporary relief. Normal nasal secretions dry on the inside of the nostrils, loosen and irritate. The more she picks, the more secretions occur, and the more the lining is abraided, so it soon becomes a vicious cycle. Sometimes allergies cause excessive discharge, and may need a nasal spray (Salty water spray is best - called "Narium Mist"). If persisting, see the GP.

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Is there any risk in having ear studs placed in the ear lobes?


It is safe, provided it is carried out hygienically, ideally at a quality salon. Otherwise infection may occur, leading to redness, swelling often pain and pus. Occasionally a lump of "keloid" tissue forms on the back part, and needs surgical removal. If non sterile gear is used, there is always risk of Hepatitis B, HIV transmission, two potentially deadly viruses.

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I think my bowel is protruding, as I feel a big soft lump in my rear, and looking into a mirror with my legs apart, see this nasty dark red "thing".


Go see your GP promptly. Chances is a pile (hemorrhoid) has developed. This means a large vein has probably clotted, and been forced outside with straining, common in those with constipation. It can be pushed back inside, and various creams applied outside and inside, which often causes it to shrink. Recurring ones that bleed may need surgical removal with "rubber band litigation". It is straight forward and usually very effective.

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This health advice is general in nature. You are advised to seek medical attention from your doctor or health care provider for your own specific symptoms and circumstances.



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